Ranch Retreat & Conference Schedule

We offer a 9 day Loss Program at our Restoration and Hope Ranch. Since we are in the "building stage", our facility is very rustic. We are offering roomy bungalow tents, and for those who have their own RV's, we have water and septic hookups. If you prefer a hotel, you may attend a 3 day weekend program. Please contact us for Conference location or Ranch dates, schedules, and pricing at: Info@restorationandhope.com or call 530-925-9250.

Ranch Retreat:

The 9 day Ranch Retreat is from Friday through the following week, Sunday. There are 9 sections to this scripturally based curriculum which includes practical applications to living. Daily each section is divided into sessions, morning and afternoon. We purposely limit the number of people attending in order to provide a personal, safe and transparent place to grieve. This program is group oriented, yet we have allotted time with the facilitator for one on one if needed. Included daily is, "Introspection or Reflection time" for devotional reading, writing, journaling, and self-work. This time is also for hiking, spending with the horses, visiting with other attendees, sitting and enjoying the view, (beautiful sunsets), campfires, and walking or just alone time in the garden. Weather permitting we plan a group picnic one day at a nearby lake. For an application, schedule, and scholarship information, call (530)925-9250 or email us at: info@restorationandhope.com
Retreat cost starting at: Individual: $1200.00, couple: $2,000.00, Family: $2500.00.
Your stay at Restoration & Hope Ranch includes meals and accommodations. Deposit: $195. **At the Ranch, we offer a Program for Children who lost a Sister or Brother.
Conference cost: $395.00 per person.
Conference for Hope:

Our conference begins on Friday evening and ends Sunday afternoon. Deposit: $195.00 per person The curriculum is scripturally based, with practical applications to living.
Friday: 6:30PM to 8:30PM, Registration at 6:30PM to 7:00PM
Saturday: 8:30AM to 8:30PM. Sunday: 8:30AM ending with a 4:00PM dinner.
**We will make every effort to negotiate the cost of the room for you. ** For help with event costs, please contact us. (Those who have children, please make arrangements as there will be no child care provided) For an application, schedule, and pricing, call (530) 925-9250 or email us at: info@restorationandhope.com
Conference cost starting at: $395.00 per person.

Sponsorships, Grants, and Scholarships

Because we feel it is so important to get help when needed, we don’t want to turn anyone away. Therefore, we will make every effort to help get Scholarships to either the Conference or the Ranch Retreat. Our hope is to help you in such a way that in the future, you can help sponsor others who need what we have to offer, (pay it forward).

*****For an application and schedule, please contact us at: (530)925-9250 or info@restorationandhope.com

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