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Lee & Ione Harris

The Harris's          We were married in 1972, and have raised 5 children, Bobbi Lee, Nathanael, Seth, Caleb, and Haven. Bobbi Lee is married to Devin with 4 sons, Jacob, Josiah, Lane and Isaac. Nathanael is married to Andee Lee; they have 2 sons, Jason and Brendon and 1 daughter, Abigael. We lost Seth in a car accident, on June 1, 1997 at age 20. Caleb is married to Christy; they have 2 daughters, Kaleigh & Delaynie. Haven is married to Rachel and they have a daughter, Galilee and a son, Levi.
We both love the Lord very much and realize that without Him, we would have had a far more difficult time getting through the loss of our Son. However, at the time we still had a lot of questions for God. When Seth died, we both felt so alone, even though we had other children at home. We didn’t know anyone who had ever lost a child. Later we found out that there were those who had, and we just didn’t know it. A few months after losing him, we both needed to share and talk with someone who had gone through this type of loss, so we looked to grief groups for support. When we attended those groups, we found they met a need of camaraderie and understanding, but they didn’t help us begin to heal. As a matter of fact, we realized that they were hindering our healing process by continuing to open up our wounds of the accident. Within a few months, a woman who worked with Hospice began a grief group using a Christian curriculum. This curriculum gave Biblical principles and Practical life applications. By using this step by step process, healing began.
We know that there is no “Quick Fix” to grief. We understand that the pain can be debilitating and paralyzing. The longer it is pushed down and ignored, the more festering, putrid and rotten it becomes. We have learned, the longer a loss is put off dealing with, the more difficult it is to face. We are confident knowing once the healing journey begins, joy and happiness can follow and there can be a future and a Hope.

Our Background

Lee Harris has been in Management since 1978, including operations management, inventory control, loss prevention, and safety. He has been responsible for departmental budgets; S.O.P.’s, scheduling, hiring staff, and training. Throughout the years of their marriage, Lee has been involved in ministry. Currently as a Pastor, he has a heart for people who need Hope, loves to train or teach, and he continues to have a passion for Music Ministry and Worship.

Ione Harris is a Certified Business, Life and Leadership Coach with over 10,000 coaching hours and over 10 years of experience in helping business owners to achieve success in business, as well as balance in their personal lives. Her focus in coaching is to get clients to set goals, build business budgets, establish a business plan, and hold them accountable. She has been a business owner and entrepreneur since 1979. Because she lives what she teaches, and sets goals, over the years her passion and purpose has become more defined with the need to impact and affect the lives of Parents who are wounded from the loss of a child. Through compassion, empathy, and understanding, her plan is to guide these men and women to the path where they can begin the journey of Restoration and Healing. Her hope is that through this work and program, these parents will become empowered to continue to grow themselves and to help others find their path to heal.

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